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A whopping 39 Megapixel camera? Wait, what about this 160MP digital camera?

Hasselblad announced earlier this week that they will be producing a full-frame 48mm camera body. The Hasselblad H3D will come in two flavors: a 22 megapixel and 39 megapixel camera. You’ll certainly need a big CompactFlash card for this: the average RAW file size of the 22MP version is approximately 30 megabytes, while the average […]

Sharing Your Photography Through the Online World

With the rising love of digital photography, and even the rising world of computers and scanning devices that enable you to digitize those paper prints, new and old photographers alike keep on asking “What’s a good way for me to showcase my images?” It’s actually rather easy, and there are a lot of ways to […]

How much is this Canon DSLR worth?

I don’t know, but I’d be interested in finding out!  I bet it wouldn’t be cheap either!

The Third Generation of Lensbaby (Lensbabies) is Here

Yesterday, the Lensbaby3G was announced. This nifty little selective-focus lens packs some pretty interesting effects to your photographs. You can certainly apply the own effect in Photoshop (granted, you’ll have to pay for the action… it’s included in Peter iNova’s D200 eBook), but if you want something different, that will make people go “wow, what’s […]

Nikon D200 Firmware v2.0 Has Been Released

The long awaited Nikon D200 version 2.0 firmware upgrade is now here. Strangely enough, it really doesn’t add any interesting functionality to the camera with the exception of support of a costly wireless transmitter. It also adds image authentication, although that’s more for legal purposes. The firmware upgrade was surprisingly not as short as I […]

Who Am I?

I’m a relatively new photographer. I started with a Polaroid camera in first grade (it was pink), and moved on to film point-and-shoots. I got a Canon Elph camera for a high-school trip to Poland and Israel which took APS film, and I ended up using an entire 18 rolls during my 2 week trip. […]


I am a new photographer… or so I still think I am. I have plenty more things to learn regarding good technique and generally anything photography related. Photography has been a pretty serious hobby of mine as of late, and I’m hoping to dig deeper as I write about things I learn and share with […]