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Graduate from the world of Point-and-Shoot Photography: Go DSLR

There’s an excellent post at Digital Photography School that tells you how you should take the next step from P&S (otherwise known as “point and shoot”) to DSLR (digital single lens reflux). I made the move in June of 2005 and haven’t regretted it. Here are their reasons to upgrade to the DSLR — and […]

Digital Camera Reviews (October 31, 2006)

Point and Shoot Camera Reviews: Compact Canon Digital IXUS 850 IS at CNet Asia: This is “a great point-and-shoot camera.” It is small, has image stabilization and a wide angle lens, and “it can pump out beautiful shots at a pretty rapid pace.” (7.8/10) Canon Digital IXUS i7 reviewed at CNet Australia: “Canon’s i7 zoom […]

Digital Camera Reviews (October 28, 2006)

DSLR Camera Reviews Canon 400D Reviewed at Techzine: “Good price, good features, good quality.” Nikon D80 reviewed at Pocket-Lint: The camera has an excellent build, superb performance, and a great detailed menu. Excellent upgrade from the D70/D70s. The only issue is price compared to the competition. “I can highly recommend this camera.” (9/10) Nikon D200 […]

Street Photography 101: “Charmed Life”

I have had the privilege to be able to publish an article that was posted on NikonCafe from The Dude who has graciously allowed me to post it here for the rest of the world to see. His lesson and accompanying photographs in Street Photography are really an inspiration to me, especially living so close […]

Battle of the Nikon D80 versus the Canon EOS Rebel XTi

CNet has pitted the Nikon D80 and the Canon EOS Rebel back-to-back to determine which of the recent unveiled bodies is the victor in the field. Comparing elements of design, camera body features, compatible accessories, overall performance, and image quality, the judges favored the Nikon D80 in all categories but one — image quality — […]

Digital Camera Glossary

In photography, a beginner often finds himself inundated by terms — and this gets even worse in the SLR world. I have compiled a glossary of terms that I hope will enhance your experience and make understanding photography a little easier for you. As I continue encountering more of these terms, I will update the […]

Digital Camera Reviews (October 24, 2006)

Point and Shoot Digital Camera Reviews Canon Powershot A630 and A640 at DCRP: This is a good camera for a beginner or an advanced user and have received an “enthusiastic recommendation.” The A630 is as good a performer as the A640 but is $100 cheaper. “Whichever camera you’ll end up with, I think you’ll enjoy […]

How to Create Passport Photographs from the Convenience of your Home

I got married over 18 months ago, but since I haven’t left the country since 2001, my maiden name is still on my passport. My honeymoon (much delayed, though not too late) is in December, and I realized that I need the new identification sooner than later. I asked a few photographer friends for advice […]

Five Years of Photo Tips

Bob Johnson of Earthbound Light, a nature photography website, has been posting photography tips on a weekly basis for 5 years. He shares his tips in a recent post that has a lot of great tricks for the beginner to the advanced photography in his fifth anniversary post. A few goodies he highlights: Color management […]

Digital Camera Reviews (October 23, 2006)

DSLR Camera Reviews Canon 30D Review at ThinkCamera: This isn’t a full-frame camera, but if you want one, you should go with the 5D. The 30D is a “pretty good camera” for the price. (8/10) Nikon D80 reviewed at A “sensational buy,” especially for someone looking to upgrade from the D70 or D70s. For […]