SDHC Cards: 8GB Capacity Cards Released by Transcend and Pretec

Transcend SDHC 8GB CardNikon D80 users can now utilize the latest and greatest in storage technology with the new SD High Capacity (SDHC) cards. Kingston released a 4GB version that joins a 4GB offering by SanDisk, but for larger capacities (the SDHC standard covers cards ranging from 4 gigabytes to a whopping 32GB, though such cards with the larger capacities don’t exist yet), we have the Transcend 8GB as well as the Pretec 8GB card.

For serious shooters who don’t want to lose their cards, these high capacity SD cards are all you need (and at a camera such as the 10.2 megapixel D80, you’re talking about approximately 1400 shots on one card in JPEG FINE mode).

As of this writing, those two cards are the only 8GB SDHC cards on the market and are expected to retail for approximately $299.

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  1. Today is 2007-01-19 and actually you can already buy this TS8GSDHC card for 93.99 directly from, I just did that yesterday :) Also they have a card reader TS-RDS1 supporting all existing SDHC cards as well as another good and much faster card with 4 gigs only – TS4GSDHC6 – for 65.99. I ordered all of them because for some kind of faster shooting the faster but 4 BG card would be more appropriate.

    The market prices are finally going down. Costco offers Sandisk Ultra II 2 GB for 48USD.

  2. Yeah – prices are getting great lately. I have a nice 4GB that I got for about $55 after rebate only a few months ago. :) I can’t wait to see these cards take on even larger capacities.

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