Do you believe in ghosts?

Just in time for the Halloween holiday, The Knight Shift has posted the top 10 best ghost photos ever, displaying some really incredible shots. Have a look.

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  1. Tamar,

    If there is supposed to be a URL to the place these Ghost Pics are pubished, it’s either missing, non-functional, or hidden too subtly for me ;-)

    Also, your scheme/skin here has text overflowing the right column into the central region (XP-Pro/IE/1600x1200lcd) by a few characters – looks a tad untidy, is all (just in case you didn’t know).

  2. ScreenDump

  3. Thanks Paul. The former has been fixed — as for the latter, I will have to check it on my desktop. I’m surprised though — this is a pretty well known theme!

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