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Photo of the Day: Luksfera Radiator

Luksfera Radiator by Rod Monkey on Flickr

How to Use Lighting to Create Stunning Portraits

Today’s article is written by a guest writer, my friend Chris Manacop. This guide will be better understood by those familiar with the Nikon flash system, though it is beneficial for other users as well. Read on for Chris’s valuable lighting lessons: Portraits can be very fun and exciting to shoot and to dream up […]

Photo of the Day: Rainbow Cookies

Bought on the way home this evening by paper by design on Flickr

Digital Camera Reviews (November 19, 2006)

DSLR Camera Reviews Canon EOS 30D reviewed at Excellent image quality, burst mode of 5 frames per second, improved battery life over its predecessors. (9.6/10 functionality, 10/10 photographic qualities) Point-and-Shoot: Compact Camera Reviews Canon IXUS i7 Zoom posted on The camera looks different from all other Canon cameras but the “picture quality does […]

Photo of the Day: Falling Water

Falling Water posted on Flickr by Memme

Camera Technique: Panning

What is Panning? Panning is a photographic technique that allows for the appearance of motion in a photograph. When done properly, a subject is in sharp focus while the background is blurry. Consider the panning photograph below: Photo, panning bike on king, taken by wvs on Flickr To achieve the look of panning, a photographer […]

Photo of the Day: Speeding Lights

Laugavegurinn uploaded by Ásta Sif on Flickr.

Photo of the Day: Flying

Up, Up, and Away posted by shaletann

Photo of the Day: Fruitcake

I’ve decided to spruce up the blog a bit and want to promote another passion of mine, Social Networking.  I am therefore seeing out a photo of the day so that I can show how people share some great images.  I will pull them from Flickr, most likely, though there is room to grow here. […]

Digital Camera Reviews (November 12, 2006)

DSLR Camera Reviews Canon EOS 400D review at T3: “Superb” pictures makes this camera “one of the best budget digital SLRs out there.” Nikon D2Xs reviewed at (PDF): The D2Xs is more user-friendly than its predecessor, the D2X, and the improved features benefit the photographer. Nikon D80 at This is “another winner from […]