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Aquarium Shooting Anyone?

Today’s blog post is another great contribution from Chris Manacop about the challenges of shooting through glass in an aquarium. Let’s face it. Shooting inside an aquarium in not the most ideal place to be shooting. There are many factors that we as photographers are challenged with. Overcoming these challenges can prove to be a […]

Photo of the Day: Locked Out

Locked Out by dale73 on Flickr

Photo of the Day: It’s a Hell of a Job

IT’S A HELL OF A JOB by jan2eke on Flickr

Winter Photography: Keeping Your Fingers Warm

Warm gear alert: these photographer gloves are perfect for the shooter who is afraid of having his fingers amputated due to frostbite. For 4,830 yen (approximately $42), you can buy these gloves and easily switch from warm-and-toasty hands to temporary-frozen fingers at ease: The product is offered by Axesquin Outdoor Company.

Composition Matters: Utilizing the Rule of Thirds

If achieving a visually balanced photo is important to you, there are a few photography techniques that are rather necessary to employ to ensure that you are able to achieve the desired result. One of these essential tools is a relatively old rule used by artists and photographers and is called the rule of thirds. […]

Ten Essential Camera Gear Items for DSLR Camera Users

So you have your DSLR camera at last. What kind of gear is necessary to trek with the camera when you go on a trip? Here are some ideas. Get your clean on with a Lens Pen and/or Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (aff). Even if you think you’ll be super careful, you’ll need a cleaning system […]

Irfanview Lets You Easily Edit Images — and it’s Free (Windows)

Let’s face it. Photography is an expensive hobby, especially if you go above and beyond the point-and-shoot methods and choose to try a DSLR camera. With lenses, cleaning equipment, books on technique and RAW mode, editing your photos — and thinking of the cost of applications to do the trick for you — can get […]

Photo of the Day: Amazon

Amazon by ChrissyJ on Flickr