Winter Photography: Keeping Your Fingers Warm

Warm gear alert: these photographer gloves are perfect for the shooter who is afraid of having his fingers amputated due to frostbite. For 4,830 yen (approximately $42), you can buy these gloves and easily switch from warm-and-toasty hands to temporary-frozen fingers at ease:

Photography Gloves

The product is offered by Axesquin Outdoor Company.

3 Responses to “Winter Photography: Keeping Your Fingers Warm”

  1. Would like to buy these mittens. Not able to navigate this site where that can be accomplished. Is there an English version of I can do so?

  2. Can’t say I know of any — though I agree, those mittens are cool. I think they are being offered through resellers. I’ll look into it and see if I can provide further information in this blog post.

  3. Hey Gerald,

    I have received a response from Axesquin regarding how to purchase these gloves. They are not being sold through a US distributor as I assumed earlier. The information I have been provided is as follows, and I will be following up with you via email as well:

    Regarding Cost,
    - AG3759 Windstopper finger through mitten : JPY4,830
    - Shipping cost for USA : JPY1,500
    - Total cost : JPY6,330 (USD53.00)

    - Order : Please let us know q’ty, colour, size, deliver address, name and
    phone number via e-mail (address : info [AT ]
    - Payment : We do not accept any credit cards. Please make remittance to our
    bank account (Charge of remittance should be paid by purchaser)

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