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The Canon EOS 40D Rumors are Circulating

Rumor has it that the Canon EOS 40D is on its way; there is an empty page on Canon’s Hong Kong website for the 40D. Keep watching this space for news as it develops. The rumor first came out in September of 2006 (for a purported September 26th unveiling), and the 40D is assumed to […]

Nikon D200 Firmware v2.0 Has Been Released

The long awaited Nikon D200 version 2.0 firmware upgrade is now here. Strangely enough, it really doesn’t add any interesting functionality to the camera with the exception of support of a costly wireless transmitter. It also adds image authentication, although that’s more for legal purposes. The firmware upgrade was surprisingly not as short as I […]

Who Am I?

I’m a relatively new photographer. I started with a Polaroid camera in first grade (it was pink), and moved on to film point-and-shoots. I got a Canon Elph camera for a high-school trip to Poland and Israel which took APS film, and I ended up using an entire 18 rolls during my 2 week trip. […]