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Winter Photography: Keeping Your Fingers Warm

Warm gear alert: these photographer gloves are perfect for the shooter who is afraid of having his fingers amputated due to frostbite. For 4,830 yen (approximately $42), you can buy these gloves and easily switch from warm-and-toasty hands to temporary-frozen fingers at ease: The product is offered by Axesquin Outdoor Company.

Ten Essential Camera Gear Items for DSLR Camera Users

So you have your DSLR camera at last. What kind of gear is necessary to trek with the camera when you go on a trip? Here are some ideas. Get your clean on with a Lens Pen and/or Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (aff). Even if you think you’ll be super careful, you’ll need a cleaning system […]

SDHC Cards: 8GB Capacity Cards Released by Transcend and Pretec

Nikon D80 users can now utilize the latest and greatest in storage technology with the new SD High Capacity (SDHC) cards. Kingston released a 4GB version that joins a 4GB offering by SanDisk, but for larger capacities (the SDHC standard covers cards ranging from 4 gigabytes to a whopping 32GB, though such cards with the […]

The Third Generation of Lensbaby (Lensbabies) is Here

Yesterday, the Lensbaby3G was announced. This nifty little selective-focus lens packs some pretty interesting effects to your photographs. You can certainly apply the own effect in Photoshop (granted, you’ll have to pay for the action… it’s included in Peter iNova’s D200 eBook), but if you want something different, that will make people go “wow, what’s […]