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The Photographer’s Challenge: Profiteering Off Digital Piracy

Pictured above are eight beautiful scenes photographed by an Icelandic photographer, Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir. Her photographs were recently resold — not under her identity, of course — and the company has profited nearly $5000 off her work without her knowledge. From her Flickr page: They were all taken , without my permission, by the London based […] Acquires

Just got word that Amazon has acquired This is huge news. A big congratulations to all involved, especially founder Phil Askey. From the press release: Today marks an exciting milestone in the history of, everyone here is very much looking forward to being able to do more with Amazon’s help. We’re aiming […]

The Rumored Nikon D40 – A True Beginner’s Camera

The past few days have been filled with anxiety over Nikon’s new beginner camera: the Nikon D40. Engadget has gotten ahold of the pictures of what promises to be a true beginner’s DSLR. So if you D80 prospective users were thinking, “Hey, that’s too much for me,” you’ll now very well be able to own […]

Samsung Releases 10megapixel Camera Phone to South Korean Market

Well, technology takes great strides. Even though the latest DSLR cameras are only beginning to hit 10 megapixels, there are always companies who wish to be ahead of the game — by years. Today, Samsung announced that it will begin marketing a 10-megapixel camera phone (model SCH-B600) which will retail for approximately $937 USD. In […]

In possibly the longest URL of all time, Nikon announces the D2X Firmware Upgrade

Today, Nikon released the D2X firmware upgrade. The upgrade comes with support for different ISO speeds, improved autofocus, black & white shooting options, the ability to trim a shot in-camera, image authentication, improved mirror lock-up functionality, the addition of a “recent settings” item on the menu, and a variety of other features have been added […]

Sigma Announces 18-200mm Lens

Well, we thought the Nikkor 18-200 was the only lens in its class that would cover such a great focal length. Yesterday, Sigma announced a comparable lens at the same focal length. The difference is that the Sigma is slower: its minimum aperture at 200mm is 6.3, whereas the Nikkor goes as wide as f/5.6 […]

A whopping 39 Megapixel camera? Wait, what about this 160MP digital camera?

Hasselblad announced earlier this week that they will be producing a full-frame 48mm camera body. The Hasselblad H3D will come in two flavors: a 22 megapixel and 39 megapixel camera. You’ll certainly need a big CompactFlash card for this: the average RAW file size of the 22MP version is approximately 30 megabytes, while the average […]