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Use Stock Photography Websites to Make Some Spare Cash

To older photographers, this idea is not very novel. But they also know of big names, like Getty Images. The Internet and the rise of digital photographers has brought forth a revolution in photography and the need for photos for websites (and blogs, like this one), and newer sites have been created to deal with […]

Learn Photo Techniques from Others by Viewing the Photo EXIF Information

When taking a digital photograph, many cameras capture a lot of good information that can help you learn what kinds of modes were used on the camera, allowing you to get a sense of what lens was used and what settings were used in the photograph. This information is called the EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) […]

Getting the Best of Your Camera: Recommended Books for During and After the Shot

Every photographer needs to start somewhere. Often it is by experimentation. Other times, learning comes from reading, reading, and more reading. Certainly, blogs are helpful, but ultimately, a photographer with much desire often finds himself/herself in bed at night, reading a good book on photography technique or aperture and shutter speed. What you end up […]

Ten Essential Camera Gear Items for DSLR Camera Users

So you have your DSLR camera at last. What kind of gear is necessary to trek with the camera when you go on a trip? Here are some ideas. Get your clean on with a Lens Pen and/or Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (aff). Even if you think you’ll be super careful, you’ll need a cleaning system […]

Irfanview Lets You Easily Edit Images — and it’s Free (Windows)

Let’s face it. Photography is an expensive hobby, especially if you go above and beyond the point-and-shoot methods and choose to try a DSLR camera. With lenses, cleaning equipment, books on technique and RAW mode, editing your photos — and thinking of the cost of applications to do the trick for you — can get […]

Graduate from the world of Point-and-Shoot Photography: Go DSLR

There’s an excellent post at Digital Photography School that tells you how you should take the next step from P&S (otherwise known as “point and shoot”) to DSLR (digital single lens reflux). I made the move in June of 2005 and haven’t regretted it. Here are their reasons to upgrade to the DSLR — and […]

Street Photography 101: “Charmed Life”

I have had the privilege to be able to publish an article that was posted on NikonCafe from The Dude who has graciously allowed me to post it here for the rest of the world to see. His lesson and accompanying photographs in Street Photography are really an inspiration to me, especially living so close […]

Five Years of Photo Tips

Bob Johnson of Earthbound Light, a nature photography website, has been posting photography tips on a weekly basis for 5 years. He shares his tips in a recent post that has a lot of great tricks for the beginner to the advanced photography in his fifth anniversary post. A few goodies he highlights: Color management […]

Your Daily Photography Journal

I stumbled across this website tip and thought it was a great project that I would recommend to anyone. The goal is to take a picture every day a year. 365 of them. For photographers and those aspiring to be great photographers, the idea is stated very eloquently here: Taking a photo a day will […]

Prepare for the 2006 Holiday Season with a Digital Camera Gift has an excellent digital camera gift guide which covers just about anything you’ll want to buy within a certain budget or in a desired megapixel range. Since this is a gift guide, there are no high-end SLR cameras available in the budget (sub-$500) ranges. Strangely enough, the top SLR cameras don’t include the newer […]