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Why Can’t I Take Good Photos at Night?

I remember when I bought a “superior” camera of its time, a compact point and shoot no more than four years ago, and I figured it was the “perfect” camera for night shots. Little did I realize that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to night photography. Bear in mind that […]

Black and White Conversion in Photoshop CS2

A lot of folks have often asked me how to achieve a dynamic black and white result from a color photo. The problem is that when you just strip a color photograph of its RGB (red/green/blue) elements, the resulting photo is often boring — but there’s so much more potential for it. One of the […]

Aquarium Shooting Anyone?

Today’s blog post is another great contribution from Chris Manacop about the challenges of shooting through glass in an aquarium. Let’s face it. Shooting inside an aquarium in not the most ideal place to be shooting. There are many factors that we as photographers are challenged with. Overcoming these challenges can prove to be a […]

Composition Matters: Utilizing the Rule of Thirds

If achieving a visually balanced photo is important to you, there are a few photography techniques that are rather necessary to employ to ensure that you are able to achieve the desired result. One of these essential tools is a relatively old rule used by artists and photographers and is called the rule of thirds. […]

How to Use Lighting to Create Stunning Portraits

Today’s article is written by a guest writer, my friend Chris Manacop. This guide will be better understood by those familiar with the Nikon flash system, though it is beneficial for other users as well. Read on for Chris’s valuable lighting lessons: Portraits can be very fun and exciting to shoot and to dream up […]

Camera Technique: Panning

What is Panning? Panning is a photographic technique that allows for the appearance of motion in a photograph. When done properly, a subject is in sharp focus while the background is blurry. Consider the panning photograph below: Photo, panning bike on king, taken by wvs on Flickr To achieve the look of panning, a photographer […]

How to Create Passport Photographs from the Convenience of your Home

I got married over 18 months ago, but since I haven’t left the country since 2001, my maiden name is still on my passport. My honeymoon (much delayed, though not too late) is in December, and I realized that I need the new identification sooner than later. I asked a few photographer friends for advice […]

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Tutorials: A List

High Dynamic Range photography has been taken users by storm lately. With a digital camera (preferably dSLR, but you could probably do this with a P&S with a lot of patience), there are hundreds of people trying out this new trend and are presenting pleasing results. With that said, there are hundreds of resources on […]